How To Make A T Shirt Smaller No Sew?

37 Truly Easy No Sew DIY Clothing Hacks – Page 2 of 2 – Cute DIY Projects

Lace is totally on trend and is being used by top designers, so take a pair of old shorts and turn them into a gorgeous-looking lacey stuff with the help of an easy-to-follow DIY tutorial. No sewing is required.

20. Make a Tank Top from a Guy’€™s T-shirt

There’s no need to sew; all you need is your favorite big t-shirt and a pair of scissors. If you have a T-shirt that belongs to your man, brother, or father that you adore but that is too big for you, you can cut it into a tank top.

21. How to Make a Stenciled T-Shirt

When you use a hot, dry iron on freezer paper, it has an amazing ability to stick to fabric for a long time, which is perfect for making a fabric stencil and a no-sew DIY stenciled T-shirt in minutes.

22. DIY Oversized Cropped Tank or Vest from a T-shirt

An old oversized t-shirt can be turned into a super cool cropped tank top that’s just perfect for summers. DIY Details:

23. DIY Racerback Workout Shirt Tutorial

This simple and quick DIY project will transform an old t-shirt into a killer workout top, and it only requires two items: old t-shirts and a pair of scissors!

24. DIY: Beaded Epaulet Top

A beaded epaulet top is a show-stopper that usually costs a lot of money. If you really want to make a one-of-a-kind top from an old one, consider adding lovely embellishments. This DIY tutorial has made creating a fabulous party-wear so simple.

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25. DIY No-Sew Tee-Shirt Halter

Get yourself some chalk or a pencil and a pair of scissors to make a no-sew t-shirt halter top in just 15 minutes with an old T-shirt. DIY Details:

26. Old Mens T-shirt Sewn Into Women’s Dolman Tee

A DIY tutorial demonstrates how to transform a men’s t-shirt into a feminine, casual tee.

27. Joyful Ruffle Neck Top Tutorial

DIY top made from an old polka-dot Chiffon fabric, with simple steps to follow to make it yourself. Wear this self-made glamorous top to special dates and events.

28. DIY T Shirt Bow

The bow back t-shirt is a great way to get a summer vibe and beat the heat. It’s such an attractive style that creates an effortlessly girly and chic look. This DIY tutorial shows you how to make your own bow back from an old t-shirt.

29. How To Upcycle a Plain Tee

Upcycle plain t-shirts with ribbon or lace and flaunt them in a fashionable way.

30. DIY Cozy Square Top

Learn how to make a lovely top with this simple no-sew DIY tutorial and create a stunning fashion piece in just a few minutes; the perfect cozy top to add to your wardrobe to pamper yourself in the chilly weather.

31. DIY Laced Up Collar Sleeves

Create a one-of-a-kind top that is the perfect blend of sexy and simplicity, making it ideal for both casual and dressy days, with this fun t-shirt recycle DIY tutorial.

32. DIY Summer Tank

This is a super simple no-sew, step-by-step summer fashion idea that only requires a t-shirt and scissors to make your own summer tank with a lovely knot in the bottom-middle that steals the show.

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33. DIY Ruffled Tube Top

This DIY from Cathy of Trinkets in Bloom is a simple and quick way to turn a boxy t-shirt into a cute, ruffled tube top in just a few steps, with almost no sewing required.

34. Safety Pins DIY t-shirt

Simple to follow, ideal for wearing at a rock concert or making a truly unique statement on casual days, with the added benefit of being able to use your husband or boyfriend’s tees!

35. DIY Woven Crop Top

All you’ll need are two identical t-shirts, a rotary blade, and fabric scissors, and it’ll hit all the right notes whether worn alone or with a tube inside.

36. DIY Tutorial : T-shirt Cutting, Weaving and Braiding

This DIY tutorial shows you how to cleverly weave and braid the cloth to make a trendy top using some simple cutting, braiding, and weaving to introduce some utterly beautiful designs into a simple t-shirt without any sewing or stitching.

How can I make my shirt tighter?

Set your washing machine to the hottest water setting and wash the shirt on a regular wash cycle. If you bought a new shirt and want to shrink it before wearing it, washing it on hot will tighten the fibers and slightly reduce its size.

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