Often asked: How To Sew A Button On To Pants?

How to Sew on a Button

Do you know how to sew a button professionally? AOM explains how to sew a button professionally in 5 simple steps; if you don’t know how to sew a button professionally, I recommend following these steps.

Tools You’ll Need:

Most shirts will have a spare set of buttons sewn on the inside of the bottom front; the method below can be adapted for a four-hole or two-hole button. If you’re traveling, I recommend packing an emergency sewing kit in your bag and car.

Step 1: Thread the Needle & Knot the End

If you have more than 24 inches of thread, double it over. A doubled-over thread can be tied off by simply knotting the ends together in a basic square knot, or by wrapping the thread around your forefinger several times.

Step 2: Create Anchor “X” Point

The key is to keep the thread from loosening under pressure.

Step 3: Position the Button

Place the button on the anchor “X” and begin sewing by pushing the needle through the first button hole from the back to the front, three times for each set of holes on the button.

Step 4: Create the Shank

Come up through the fabric but not through the button on your last repetition of the previous step, making six loops around the thread bridges that connect the button to the fabric, pulling tight, and then diving the needle back into the base to be tied off on the other side.

Step 5: Tie It Off

These instructions can be used on shirt buttons, suit buttons, or trouser buttons. Pin the thread right against the back of the fabric, under the button, then make a small circle in the thread just beyond your fingertip and pass the needle through the circle.

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How do you sew a button with one hole?

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Double your thread and tie a knot at the ends.
  2. Place your button in the center of the button hole.
  3. Push your needle and thread through the underside of the fabric until it reaches the knot.

What is a two hole button?

This means you’ll thread the needle through the second hole on the front of the button but not through the fabric, leaving the needle in the gap between the button and the fabric.

How do you attach a button without sewing?

You can reattach a button without sewing by using the following methods:

  1. Clear tape, a twist tie, a paper clip, or a tic button fastener

What is a button loop?

This is the length of the button loop, which goes along the garment’s closing overlap edge and extends out from the edge. Loops can be made individually or from a continuous length, but this measurement is critical for consistency.

How do you make a Rouleau loop?

Gently pull on the needle as you feed it along the tunnel and out the other end, and the end where you tied the knot should begin to roll into the tunnel slowly. Once it does, gently pull on the thread, turning the loop out.

How do you knit a toggle loop?

Make a loop slightly bigger than the button and attach it to the edge of your knitting where you want the loop to end. Thread yarn through a knitter’s sewing needle and attach it at the edge of your knitting in the position where you want the button loop to start.

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