Often asked: How To Sew An A Line Halter Top?

Halter neck top – A DIY pattern – Sew Guide

This flattering pattern is based on a Raglan pattern without the arms and can be worn to look glamorous in a shimmery fabric or to be practical in the summer. Halter neck top with denim is a favorite of all girls for all-day wear.

Method 1 Pleated Halterneck top

Before cutting out the pattern pieces, measure your arms, bust, and hips. After pleating, the top edge should measure 8 inches; if you are a wide-shouldered person, increase this to 9 inches. Sew the front and back together at the side seams and finish the hem. Make a small button loop for the strap. Baste it inside the folds of the bias tape you kept for the straps.

Method 2 Tie back Halter neck top

Pattern A-G = 16 x 22 x 25 fabric, Pattern C-D = 21u2033, Pattern C-D = 21u2033, Pattern C-F = 16u2033, and Pattern A-G = 16 x 22 x 25 fabric.

Mark A-D as the full height of the top 2 inches. Mark A-B as the shoulder to waist measurement at C. Mark G as 1/4 of the bust round 3/4 inch (ease).
A halter collar will hold the front pattern in place for the front neckline, and back bodice patterns can be made by making a slit opening and buttoned collar.

How do you make your neck high on top?

Place one of the halves on fabric (use cheap cotton) and redraw the piece, adding 1 cm to the top, bottom, and sides but not to the center (fig. 4 and 5). Make a mark on the center fold about 2 cm up from the shoulder point and 3 cm up from the mid neck point with a ruler.

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