Question: How To Cut And Sew An Accordion Wallet?

How to Make an Accordion Wallet

I love making my own coin purses and wallets, and this accordion wallet is perfect for a few coins, bills, and credit cards. There are a few steps to this project, but if you follow them one at a time, it’s a fairly simple project to sew.

Step 1: Cut your Fabrics

Cut out the pattern piece after cutting out the outer and lining pieces.

Step 2: fuse the fleece

Fuse the corresponding fleece pieces onto each other using the manufacturer’s instructions. Fleece is made up of a large oval, a small oval, a long outer fabric rectangle, and a small inner fabric rectangle.

Step 3: stitch the flap

Create the flap by turning right sides out and stitching them right sides together, then pressing. Stitch around the edge of the fleece on the fabric, following the contours but leaving the bottom open.

Step 4: add the flap to the outer piece

Place the corresponding lining piece right sides together on top of the flap and outer fabric, stitching around the edge leaving an opening at the bottom for turning. Fold the large rectangle in half to find the center and mark.

Step 5: Stitch the accordion piece

Create an accordion piece by stitching the pieces together right sides together, leaving a turning opening on one of the sides. Trim the top, clip the corners, and cut out the curves and edges.

Step 6: Add the kam snaps

Mark 3/8u2033 down from the top of the flap in the center, making sure the button part of the snap is on the outer fabric on both pieces. If you’re not sure how to install Kam snaps, watch the video0installation0video below.

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Step 7: Mark your lining

Draw a line across the center of the lining with a Frixion heat erasable pen or some tailor’s chalk, measuring up from the bottom of the accordion piece 2 3/4u2033.

Step 8: add the accordion piece

Stitch a line across the accordion piece so that it lines up with the line on the outside of the oval, and then stitch a line across the line to attach the accordions to the inner edge of the circle.

Step 9: mark additional lines

Measure and mark 1 1/2u2033 on each side of the Kam snaps on the oval, then fold and pin the bottom of the accordion piece. Measure and mark another 1 1/2u2033 for the oval’s center line on each side.

Step 10: Finish the accordion wallet

Stitch along each of the creases you’ve created to secure the accordion wallet, which snaps into place with the top flap snapping into the top snap and the main flap snapping into the bottom snap.

How do you make an accordion Journal?

What You Should Do:

  1. Step 1: Cut a piece of white cardstock in half lengthwise to make two long, skinny rectangles. Step 2: Fold the cardstock in half widthwise. Step 3: Fold the top flap in half again, aligning the bottom edge to the top crease.

How do you make a simple wallet?


  1. Fold a piece of 8 12 by 11-inch (22 by 28-cm) paper into eighths.
  2. Cut 1-inch (2.5-cm) slits into the lengthwise creases.
  3. Fold the left edge towards the last vertical crease.
  4. Fold the paper in half widthwise.
  5. Cut off the bottom-left corner.
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How do I make a digital wallet?

Building a digital wallet is simple and can be done on your computer, smartphone, or smartwatch in a few simple steps.

  1. Choose a digital wallet.
  2. Download the app of your choice.
  3. Add a payment method.
  4. Add any additional information.

How do I create an accordion folder?

Adhere two sheets from 1 to make this accordion file folder.

What is Chinese accordion book?

The term “accordion Book” refers to a traditional Chinese book that is folded and stitched on one side. (i) Chinese Accordion Books were hand printed by rubbing paper against the inked surface of wooden blocks.

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