Question: How To Cut And Sew Ankara Jacket?

How to make a loose Ankara Jacket. Follow the easy steps in this tutorial

How to make a loose Ankara Jacket: This is another lovely style that you can make quickly and easily with the following materials:. All you need for this project is some basic fabric, thread, buttons, tape, thread, and some rubber (for sewing).


Measurements Areas Needed1) Back2) Neck3) Bust4) Hip5) Length 1 inch, 0.01 centimetre (0.01 millimetre) Ankara Fabric 2 yards plain fabric for facing and color half yard

The steps

To cut the front, add 4 inches to your hip measurement for looseness and 1 inch for the facing; for the front neckline, cut 2.5 to 3 inches down; for the back neckline, cut 1.5 inches; this style requires no waist shaping, so I cut it straight.

Sewing Process

If you are new to sewing, get our instructional DVD on sewing, which is available at our fashion school for only ten thousand dollars, and learn how to sew at home so that most of these free Tutorials will make more sense to you.

How do you sew a blazer?

Part 2 of 4: Sewing the Blazer’s Body

  1. Pin the edges of the lapel piece to the front panel piece.
  2. Straight stitch along each inner panel to attach the lapels.
  3. Pin the back pieces face to face and pin the center edge.
  4. Straight stitch down the inner side of the back pieces.

How hard is it to sew a blazer?

It’s easy to steam and mold into shape, and it’s easy to sew and press. It’s also forgiving, so look for a cotton or rayon blend if you’re making a summer jacket. Practice any techniques you’re not comfortable with, and take your time.

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How do you sew a tear in a jacket?

Thread a needle twice and knot one end. Insert the needle underneath the fabric at the bottom of the rip and come to the top. Take a small stitch to secure the end. Move across the rip and take another vertical stitch.

Can you crop a zip up jacket?

Use cutting pliers (“nippers”) to cut and pull metal zipper teeth from the zipper tape; nippers to cut away the plastic zipper teeth heads; nippers to snip the rest of the plastic teeth from the zipper tape after removing the plastic zipper teeth heads.

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