Question: How To Make A No Sew Circle Skirt?

Skirt day: the 10 minute no-sew circle skirt

Women shave their legs and emerge as beautiful, bare-legged butterflies on “Rkjesdag,” the first day of beautiful weather in the Netherlands.
I decided to make a skirt out of a piece of thrifted fabric from a thrift shop. I made a circle skirt out of strong, non-fraying, stretch fabric made from recycled tricot, and I illustrated three basic patterns that you can make however you want. Just pay attention to the length of the skirt, or you’ll end up with a really cute fabric diaper.

How many yards of fabric do I need for a circle skirt?

You’ll need 2.5 yards for a knee-length skirt, and 3 yards for a floor-length skirt; a king-sized bed sheet will also suffice. Avoid fabrics with a lot of stretch (no jersey!).

Can you make a skirt with 1 yard?

Sewing a simple skirt from a yard of fabric is probably the simplest sewing project you can do, and you don’t even need a pattern!

What is the difference between a full and half circle skirt?

The green skirt in the photo is a ‘half’ circle skirt; a ‘full’ circle skirt, on the other hand, has twice as much fabric and is thus more voluminous.

What fabric is best for a circle skirt?

Cotton, like most skirts, is a good choice for circle skirts, but satin, which is a difficult material to work with if you’re just learning to sew, works well for full circle skirts like those seen in the 1950s.

How do I know my skirt size?

Measure the circumference of your middle just above the highest point of your hip bone or wherever you want the elastic waistband of the skirt to rest to determine your size, then choose the size that is closest to that measurement.

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