Question: How To Make Sew Something That Is Circular?

How to sew perfect circle – with and without circular attachment

The circular sewing attachment is a simple device that is mounted in place of the bobbin cover plate. It is adjustable, so you can sew a circle with a diameter of 5 cm (2) to 11 cm (4 -5). Sewing with this device is simple if you stiffen your fabric properly. You will only need a thumb tack (preferably with a flat head) and double-sided tape.

Why do I get little holes in my T shirts?

“That part of the shirt is a primary abrasion point because the fabric is rubbing against the hardware: your belt, the tops of your jeans, all points of wear, and the friction has caused the fabric to deteriorate over time.”

What is darning stitch?

Pattern darning is a type of embroidery that uses parallel rows of straight stitches of various lengths to create a geometric design. Darning is a sewing technique for repairing holes or worn areas in fabric or knitting using only a needle and thread.

What are Applipops?

APPLIPOPS are made of beautiful stainless steel that won’t stain, corrode, or rust, and APPLIPOPS are thinner than a dime to avoid a thick edge!

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