Question: How To Sew Bias Tape Around Tight Curves?

How to sew curves with bias tape? Binding curved edges

I’ve already shown you how to sew bias tape binding on a curved edge – how to make a continuous or continuous bias tape and how to sew a bias tape – and today I’ll show you how to do it with a straight edge instead of a curved one.

How to NOT bind curved edges

Sewing it without prior preparation can be difficult; the milder the curve, the easier the task; however, look what happens when you try to sew it into tight curves.

Method 1

Mark the beginning and end of a curve on a bias tape. Using an iron, shape the bias tape (folded in half) by pulling it, making the curve, and pressing it to keep its shape.

Method 2

The first method entails shaping the bias tape before sewing, while the second method entails sewing short sections and adjusting the tape to the curve. Try not to stretch the tape, and especially not the curves, but with patience, you can finish it nice and smooth.

How do you sew bias tape around a curve?

Straight edge binding

  1. Unfold one of the folds at the end of the bias tape.
  2. Place the open edge of the bias tape along the edge of the fabric, right sides facing, and pin in place as shown above.
  3. Work your way all the way down the edge, pinning in place.

Can I use ribbon as bias tape?

Commercially available ribbon can be a more convenient alternative to bias tape or manually cut straight- or bias-cut binding strips because it is pre-cut and unrolls from a spool. Ribbon can also add a distinctive contrast depending on the project.

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How do you use double sided bias tape?

Fold the bias tape back up over the seam and flip it over to encase the unfinished edge. Open up the double-fold bias tape all the way and find the narrower side. Pin the bias tape edges to the raw edges of the fabric, right sides together. Sew the bias tape in place along the fold.

What is the difference between bias tape and binding?

To begin, what is the difference between bias tape, bias binding, and bias facing? Bias tape is a bias-cut strip of fabric (or several strips sewn together) with two edges turned and pressed to meet in the middle. Bias binding is when bias tape is used to enclose the raw edge of a neckline, armhole, or hem.

Is bias tape stretchy?

However, if you simply pull the fabric across the regular grain, it will not stretch at all, and because Bias Tape has some stretch, it curves beautifully around curved fabric edges, whereas strips cut along the grain will pucker and bulge.

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