Quick Answer: Helpful Hints On How To Sew A Bucilla Stocking?

Making My First Bucilla Felt Stocking Kit – Ironing, Cutting, and Adding Sequins | Personalized Christmas Stockings

One of my favorite gifts to give this holiday season is the Bucilla Jolly St. Nick stocking kit.
WARNING: The felt in the Bucilla kits can melt if heated too high. Instructions include a symbol for the color of sequin you should use. The spots to secure sequins are marked on the felt with a bead.

How long does it take to make a Bucilla felt stocking?

It’s all done by hand; I don’t think you could do it with a sewing machine. It’s time-consuming; I’d say each one takes about 50 hours.

What is Bucilla?

Bucilla, an acronym of the longer name, became a well-known publisher of books and patterns related to needlework in addition to providing high-quality yarns and supplies for knitting, needlepoint, and embroidery.

How do you attach sequins to felt?

A Refresher on Sewing or Gluing Sequins to Felt

  1. Slide your sequin down the thread.
  2. Move needle behind your sequin.
  3. Push needle through and come up one space in front of the sequin you just placed down.
  4. Pull the needle through and thread the next sequin, repeating the process.

What can I use to put names on stockings?

Lay cling wrap flat on a counter and draw your names in glue on top. Add glitter and wait for it to dry completely before peeling off letters and sticking them to the stockings with a hot glue gun or any glue.

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