Readers ask: How To Sew A Waistband On A Skirt?

How do you make a stretchy waistband?

Detailed instructions

  1. Cut the Elastic to the Right Size. Cut your elastic to match the part of the body it’ll be moving around, following the directions for your pattern.
  2. Join the ends by pinning them together.
  3. Join the Opposite Ends.
  4. Make a Stitches Square.
  5. Elastic is divided into two parts.
  6. Cut the Waistband Fabric in Half.
  7. The Band should be applied to the Fabric.
  8. Make a stitch.

How can I make my skirt fit better?

2 Simple Solutions for Loose Skirts

  1. Infiltrate from the seams. Belly dance skirts are usually made up of two or three panels. So, turn your skirt inside out and look for the seams, ideally on the sides for a smooth finish.
  2. Make the back elastic. Adding elastic is another fast fix, but don’t worry, you won’t have to make any elastic casing or anything.

How can I make my skirt shorter?

Finish the Hem Fold the hem up to the point where the bottom of the skirt meets your chalk mark. Pin the hem all the way around, then iron it when removing the pins. Sew your skirt’s hem all the way back. To prevent your work from showing, use small stitching and a matching thread.

Why won’t my sewing machine sew elastic?

You may be stretching the elastic when you sew correctly, but you may be using the wrong kind of elastic. Not all elastics are created equal. Alternatively, you could be using a too short stitch, stretching the elastic too much, or not using the right kind of elastic for the fabric you’re working with, among other things.

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