Readers ask: How To Sew Pom Pom Trim On Pillow?

How to Sew a Square Pillow Cover with Pom Pom Trim

Throw pillows are a simple way to liven up your home and also make a great gift. This pillow cover is part of a belated Christmas present for my sister, and the fabric features a chihuahua that looks exactly like Walter, my niece and sister’s little dog.

You Will Need

This tutorial is for a square pillow cover, but the size of the form isn’t specified. Polyester pillow forms come in a variety of shapes and sizes; choose the size you want and calculate the amount of fabric you’ll need, then cut according to the cutting directions below.

Cutting Directions

Determine the width of the square pillow form from one side seam to the other. Cut two pieces of fabric the same size as the pillow form for a full, plump pillow, or cut two pieces 1-inch larger for a pillow that is slightly less full.

Taper the Corners of the Fabric

Tapering the corners of the fabric will result in fuller, plump corners on the finished pillow. Trim the fabric on one side from the halfway mark to the corner mark. Unfold the front fabric and use it as a pattern to taper the corners on the back fabric.

Attach the Pom Pom Trim

Set your machine’s stitch length to a longer stitch (4) to keep the fabric from puckering, and follow the instructions for tacking the pom pom trim onto the front and back pieces of fabric. Pinning or clipping the trim in place is optional.

When you get to close to the corner:

As you get close to where you started sewing:

Connect the Front and Back

Close the Opening

A Couple Pillow Cover Options

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