Readers ask: Learn How To Make Leggings It’s Sew Easy?

Leggings Pattern and tutorial

Leggings are a versatile and essential part of your wardrobe, and this tutorial will show you how to easily draft your own custom fit leggings pattern, which you can use to make new pairs whenever you want in whatever fabric you want.

Taking your measurements

I’ve made a video to show you how and where to take these measurements so you can get the best fit for your body. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a helper, but if not, I’ve made it simple for you.

All about ease

Ease is present for two reasons: comfort and movement, and design and styling. There is no ease in leggings because they fit your body; however, in a stretchy fabric, you may choose to add ‘negative ease,’ where the fabric measurement is LESS than your body measurement.

Using the easy spreadsheet

Fill in the box for ease percentage once you have your measurements. 90 is recommended for very stretchy fabrics and a tight fit, while 100 is recommended for less stretchy fabrics and a looser fit. You can enter your measurements in centimeters or inches (but not both).

How to draw your pattern

To make it easier to see and photograph, I’m working in a smaller scale. This will need to be the full length of your leggings from waist to ankle plus about 4 inches. Follow along with these instructions as I draw my own pattern on a piece of paper. Draw a line from the top of the back waist to about halfway along that little line sticking out at thigh level on the left.

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Types of fabric to use

If the fabric is thick and only has ‘give’ rather than stretch, your leggings will be difficult to put on and move around in. A 100% cotton jersey will stretch, but test it out in your local fabric store or on a scrap you own.

How to sew your leggings

Sew using a stretch stitch, narrow zig-zag stitch, or serger to allow the stitches to stretch with the fabric. Stitch the elastic to the waist of the leggings using a triple stretch stitch, if you have one, or a large zig-zag stitch. Slightly stretch the elastic to match the fabric, if needed.

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How do you sew leggings at home?

Sewing the Pieces Together (Part 4 of 4)

  1. Take your fabric pieces and separate them along the inseam of the leg.
  2. Sew along the inseam.
  3. Insert one leg into the other.
  4. Sew around the edge of the crotch seam.
  5. Sew the elastic into the waist.
  6. Fold over the elastic and sew around the edge.
  7. Hem the bottom of the leggings.

How do you make fleece leggings?

Here’s how to make your own fleece lined leggings pattern.

  1. Turn your fleece leggings inside out before cutting your pieces. Cut 2 of your front/back combo piece.
  2. Sew the front and back seams.
  3. Add the gusset.
  4. Sew the inseam.
  5. Add the waistband to the leggings.

Can I sew my leggings?

Repairing Leggings with a Sewing Machine Stretchy fabrics require the use of a serger or a stitch with a bit of give, as regular straight stitches will pop out when the fabric stretches.

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What does gusset mean?

1: a diamond-shaped or triangular insert in a seam (as in a sleeve, pocketbook, or shoe upper) to provide expansion or reinforcement. 2: a plate or bracket used to strengthen an angle in a framework (as in a building or bridge).

What are fleece lined leggings?

Try fleece-lined leggings, which look like regular workout pants but have super soft fleece on the inside to provide extra insulation and keep you warm in colder weather.

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