Unique Gifts For Someone Who Likes To Sew?

Flowerhead Pins

This is an ideal add-on gift for anyone looking for a fun DIY project to give as a belated Christmas present. Flat flowerhead pins that don’t melt are essential for any sewist, and I love these because they lie flat under acrylic rulers.


Sewing and Quilting Rulers are essential for anyone who sews; they are transparent and have some sort of gripping ability, and most have quilting-specific markings that will aid in making accurate cuts. This Creative Grids ruler is one of my favorites.

Mini Iron

This is one of those sewing room essentials I can’t live without; don’t be fooled by its diminutive size; this little iron is designed for people who sew and quilt, and I keep it next to my sewing machine on a small ironing surface in my sewing room.

Wool Pressing Mat

A Wool Pressing Mat is one of my favorite quilting tools for pressing quilt blocks.

Iron & Ironing Board

Any sewist or quilter would be thrilled to receive these as a gift because the iron never drips, spits, or hisses, and the ironing board converts easily for large quilting projects. I have this iron and I love it.

Daylight Slimline Table Lamp

The Daylight LED Slimline Table Lamp is a super high-quality slim brushed chrome design with a powerful 4300 Lux bright light at 6 inch from 80 ultra bright light Daylight LED’s, and it’s perfect for your sewing or craft workstation.

Clover Wonder Clips

Quilting needles are used to hold fabric together without using pins, and quilters love them for holding down binding on quilts.

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Iron-Off Pen

This is one of my favorite fabric markers, and it would make great stocking stuffers for knitters and quilters. The ink disappears with the heat from an iron; it doesn’t get any easier than that.

Binding Babies

Quilters adore these Binding Babies, which can be used to store quilt binding as well as to attach binding to a quilt.

Needle Minders

They make a great stocking stuffer for those who do a lot of hand sewing or embroidering because they’re the perfect place to set your needle so it doesn’t get lost.

Storage Tins

Moda tins are available in a range of sizes and are ideal for storing mugs, sponges, cutlery, and other household items.

Rotary Cutter with Mat

I honestly don’t know how I sewed without this rotary cutter! And don’t forget those extra replacement blades! For mats, look for double-sided0 Self-Healing Mats0like this one; I honestly don’t know how I sewed without them.

Bias Tape Maker

Fabric Bias Tape Maker Tools are simple, inexpensive, and simple to use; I especially like how small they are and how little space they take up; they are relatively inexpensive, easy to store, and simple to use, as well as fun to play with.

Specialty Scissors

Embroidery scissors are designed primarily for appliquu00e9 work but are ideal whenever you need to get close to the edge. A good pair of 8u2033 0Dressmaker sheers are ideal for cutting out most fabric and will last for years.

Specialty Feet

Specialty sewing machine feet, such as the Edge Stitch Foot and the Walking Foot, can be a real treat for someone who sews. Each sewing machine manufacturer will have each of these feet available, and the Walking Foot is something that many quilters and sewists long to own.

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What to get someone who likes to sew?

A Gift Guide for Sewing and Quilting Enthusiasts

  • You can’t go wrong with the Ultimate Sewing or Quilting Starter Kit for someone who wants to learn to sew.
  • Flowerhead Pins. Flat flowerhead pins that don’t melt are essential for any sewist!
  • Fabric.
  • Rulers.
  • Mini Iron.
  • Iron and Ironing Board.
  • Clover Wonder Clips.
  • Magnetic Pin Cushion.

What do you get someone who likes nothing?

Unique Gift Ideas for the u201cWant Nothingu201d Person

  • Fountain Pen and Notepads. We love good pens in our family, and our kids have turned into pen snobs.
  • The Gift of Subscriptions. Subscriptions are truly the gifts that keep on giving.
  • Moka Pot.
  • Man Crates.
  • Milk Frother.
  • Edible Gifts.

What is a good gift for someone who has everything?

Unique Gifts for the Person Who Has It All

    What every seamstress needs?

    Every beginner seamstress should have these ten items in their sewing kit.

    • Do you need a top-of-the-line, practically self-contained sewing machine?
    • Machine feet.
    • Extra machine needles.
    • Hand sewing needles and seam rippers.
    • Thread.
    • Straight pins and/or Wonder-Clips.
    • Measuring tape.
    • A pattern.

    What do you buy a seamstress?

      What to get the woman who wants nothing?

      For the woman who has everything, our gift guide has practical and thoughtful gift ideas.

        What do you get someone who has everything for their birthday?

        7 Birthday Gift Ideas for the Well-Behaved Friend

          Why am I so bad at giving gifts?

          What do you buy a difficult woman?

          Impossible-to-Shop-For Women’s Gifts

            What do you buy a 60 year old woman?

            Ideas For Gifts For Women Turning 60

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              What equipment is needed for sewing?

              Sewing Machines

                Can you learn to sew on your own?

                How do we prepare for a sewing activity?

                There are seven ways to get ready for a successful sewing project.

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